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More details below: #1: Tony Hsieh’s (Zappo’s Founder/CEO) Desk Looks like… #2: A Live, Working Example of a “Less” Diverse, but Dynamic Organization #3: An Amazing Place to Work… #4: Enforcing Culture #5: “Let’s do a shot of rum.” + More… #6: (Bonus!) It’s About the People You Meet/Know If you don’t know what company [...]

“$0 – $1.5 million in 11 months (while working a 9-5)” “How I Tripled Revenue with No New Traffic or Features” “What Interviewing Hundreds of Founders Has Taught Me” A few weeks ago, I was in Las Vegas for what was the best conference I had ever been to. ¬†MicroConf 2011, “The Conference for Self-Funded [...]

We’ve all seen brilliant commercials that make us laugh.¬† This commercial is one of my all-time favourites: in all it’s simplicity, it manages to bring out a much rarer, different emotion, and proves that the best commercials can sometimes be the simplest.

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