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Not every one of the 32 app submissions could win in the Apps4Edmonton competition, and I wanted to showcase a few notable entries to give Edmontonians and the Open Data movement an idea of what was entered and to give a personal “kudos” to my fellow participants.  A look at the winning apps is also [...]

A common piece of feedback I’m getting with Statistics Edmonton (besides for business/political campaigns and analytics) is that people want to use it to figure out the right place for them to stay.  With that in mind,  I thought I’d highlight an example of a specific, typical scenario: you want to start, or already have [...]

There’s been a number of discussions about Edmonton becoming a suburban sprawl, and it’s a pattern I noticed while working on Statistics Edmonton.  I’ll leave the argument of whether it’s a net positive aside and show you what I found – a pattern/trend based on demographics that I believe visualizes the suburban sprawl effect in [...]

One of the things that I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on is for the use of Statistics Edmonton for political campaigns and business analytics.  I thought I’d drop a sample campaign to show people an example of how people can put in custom data to visualize interesting trends/statistics. Analyzing a Sample Election Campaign (using [...]

Figured a helpful post is a good one as any to start a blog on.  Part-thank-you and feedback for the  #OpenData government (and non-government) advocates here in Edmonton, and I hope it’ll be useful discussion material for the other open data movements  around the world, particularly because I see Statistics Edmonton as an app that [...]

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