Where Edmonton’s Families Live

10 Sep 2010

A common piece of feedback I’m getting with Statistics Edmonton (besides for business/political campaigns and analytics) is that people want to use it to figure out the right place for them to stay.  With that in mind,  I thought I’d highlight an example of a specific, typical scenario: you want to start, or already have a family of 4-5 people, and would like to live where similar-sized families are living at.

You can browse around the actual statistic and map (image above) at http://bit.ly/axQGSq.  What you’re seeing is a relative ratio: the deepest greens have the highest percentage of households with 4-5 people within that particular neighbourhood compared to other neighbourhoods.  Try it out yourself, and you can see how that works.

The map you see above makes sense with city suburban sprawls, and agrees with the trend observed with the Suburbanization of Edmonton.  Save for the odd neighbourhood (Windsor Park, which is a wealthier neighbourhood by ~2x average neighbourhood income and is closer to the University of Alberta – see below)…

… it would seem that families typical locate themselves in higher concentrations outside of the Edmonton downtown core area.

One final thing – and admittedly, I feel like a broken record for saying this, but if you haven’t already done so, please vote for Statistics Edmonton for the Apps4Edmonton competition.  :) It’s much appreciated, and it’s really quite encouraging when people thank you for your work because they find it useful and interesting.  Thanks! :)

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