The Suburbanization of Edmonton

9 Sep 2010

There’s been a number of discussions about Edmonton becoming a suburban sprawl, and it’s a pattern I noticed while working on Statistics Edmonton.  I’ll leave the argument of whether it’s a net positive aside and show you what I found – a pattern/trend based on demographics that I believe visualizes the suburban sprawl effect in Edmonton:

The Suburbanization of Edmonton (<- With Full Screen Option)

One caveat I will mention: there may be a variety of reasons for the patterns you see above, and it might not be definite, visual proof of suburbanization.  I can’t think of a good reason or example that would cause the patterns, but those reasons could quite likely exist.   I can think of ones explaining inconsistencies (like the high downtown density of 20-24 year olds, where apartment rentals are abundant and the University is close), though.

Feel free to share and link to this as a visual show for the sprawl, and if you haven’t yet, please vote for Statistics Edmonton for the Apps4Edmonton competition!

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Where Edmonton’s Families Live - Ideas Worth Sharing

September 10th, 2010 at 1:04 pm

[...] map you see above makes sense, and agrees with the trend observed with the Suburbanization of Edmonton.  Save for the odd neighbourhood (Windsor Park, which is a wealthier neighbourhood by ~2x average [...]

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