Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and (Up to) $45,000 Sessions

7 Sep 2010

A friend dropped me a mail about this over the long weekend, having talked about Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and his board game a few months back.  I’ve read the book a few years back, and it’s one of a few rare reads shared through my family.

The quick summary of the video: there have been a number of free classes on how to get rich, this time branded with the Rich Dad, Poor Dad branding.  CBC Marketplace brought in hidden cameras, and surmised through the $500 session that’s upsold through the free session that the sessions are mainly an upsell to the really expensive sessions.  There’s a part about one of the coaches pushing the attendees to get a $100,000 credit limit as well.  Click on the image below to watch the video:

I’ve got mixed feelings about this: the whole thing seems like an upsell business, but what we don’t see are the contents of the course, which could have provided more value than was implied.  That said, I can believe that the coach being videotaped was doing a lot of upselling, and it makes sense that a business could be set up to have sessions eek out just enough learning so that someone would be tempted to pay the high price for the next ones.

There’s also Robert Kiyosaki’s interview, from which it seemed possible that he feels like he’s gone with the wrong partner and the wrong firm to represent his image and brand through these sessions.  It’s a bit harder to feel sorry for him given his success: I’d hate to think of the guy who upped his credit limit to $100,000, paid $30,000 on courses, but then couldn’t execute.  Then again, what about the stories of people who have successfully made money from properties through the course?

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